We are specialized in the production of all kind of Event Applications customized for Android  and iOS operating systems.

Our Concept = Don´t lose your precious time +  don`t waste a lot of money!

All functions you need are available  - Sell your Tickets through the Applications ! Reach your audience with your message directly on their Phones via "Push Function". You can manage and publish easily both applications through our Backend.

With our applications you can offer your visitors a perfect, future-proof way of communication providing an high entertainment value with a high quality design.

iGotMyApp- Features on 8 Points:

1. What are the advantages of three years experience in the development and implementation for the music / event secotor?

For programming with two different systems and all that connected to one backend, we can now look back on a practical serious experience. Due to customer suggestions, we were able to create a perfect product with all the features you required.

2.  How can the refinancing of Applications be realized?

The applications are a very interesting option for advertising sponsors. You can present the download numbers and these represent a real value for the brand sponsors. The more number of downloads - the more valuable the advertising space! You can sell this space every year new !

3.  Our Service ?

We are personally available to you for all your questions and wish.

4. and 5. Our prices and quality?

We make the apps finally affordable. We offer you a high quality product. 3 programmers and one designer have developed this product and we offer the whole package to a cheap Fix price.

6. With our Apps you could save a lot of time.

You want to let you program your own application. Here we would like you to inform you that the communication with a programmer to develop your projects will cost you an enormous amount of time. Our product is directly available !

7. How can we help you with the editorial work?

You do not have much time for the maintenance of the applications? We offer this service!

8. What can I implement for a marketing for the applications?

With pleasure we can offer you to help you to advise you about the possibilities to release your applications with the greatest success to your audience.


The applications work after a first download of course also Offline !

If you have a break down of the telephone network the most important functions will be still available.

With the push function you have an immediate way of communication to your end users!

A band has canceled you launch a special promotion, you want to point on your next event...
ONLY with the Push Function you can reach your fans with an SMS similar message directly on their smartphone screens.

Your fans can put together their own Festival Program!

This year we are also offering our new feature  "MY TIME TABLE". They can choose between your offered program the acts they want to see and open those in their own menu point "MY TIME TABLE".

Save with the applications other costs and protects even the environment!

Even the environment can benefit from the applications. Your printed program could certainly reduced over the years.

Sell your tickets easily with the Applications!

Other menu points :

Multifunction Calendar
Hall of Fame
Links to your social networks ( Facebook; Twitter etc.)
Location (google maps)

... something is missing? Change the name or create your own menu point yourself.